From heritage Shaker style classics to chic German luxury; our experienced kitchen design team can bring the heart of your home to life. In partnership with German kitchen manufacturer Eggesmann, skilled Norfolk craftsmen and prestige, worldwide brands, we deliver beautifully functional kitchens, individually designed with a passion for perfection.

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Eggersmann – Luxury Kitchens Since 1908

In Eggersmann’s luxury kitchens, a few basic Westphalian virtues and values come together: dependable craftsmanship, diligence, a love for experimentation, and a down-to-earth attitude. These are just a few reasons why these kitchens are in demand around the world today.

There is a particular appeal in creating a harmonious overall look with a variety of different materials, which correspond to an interior design colour concept.

In the field of real wood veneers, Eggersmann has an unparalleled material competence in various finish designs. The calm veneer patterns have an elegant effect and can be perfectly combined with black and brown shades. Veneers in warm, earthy dark tones emphasize the livable character. Special contrasts are created by combinations with natural stone or metals such as black steel and brass.

Laminate and melamine fronts are available in every imaginable color and decor. Easy to clean and extremely durable it is the ideal material for kitchen furniture.

When it comes to designer kitchens, lacquered surfaces are particularly popular. Available in velvet, matt or high-gloss finishes and a spectacular range of colours. These surfaces are also extremely hard-wearing and particularly easy to clean.

Naturally grown real wood retains its natural beauty and individuality through suitable varnishing and oiling. Each front is unique in grain and colour.  As a natural material, wood is not only environmentally friendly and sustainable, it also creates a healthy indoor climate and a warm atmosphere.

Metal surfaces are increasingly on-trend in domestic kitchens. Aluminum is a particularly high-quality and slightly iridescent material that appears lighter or darker depending on how light falls on it.

As a material for kitchen furniture, concrete looks unusual and refined. Concrete kitchens are simply eye-catching and fit in well with the trend towards dark kitchens. Each front is unique and will acquire a patina over time, but at the same time it is very robust, heat-resistant and scratch-proof.

Glass fronts are not only stylish and ultra-modern, they offer a particularly high degree of gloss. At the same time, they are unmatched in their ease of cleaning since they are extremely robust, scratch-resistant and durable. Glass is also an extremely hygienic surface for kitchens.

Stainless steel surfaces give kitchens that professional look – and they are long-lasting, too. Special processing techniques ensure that the material is now resistant to scratches. It is also heat-resistant and easy to clean.

Natural stone is a unique material that has evolved over millions of years. As with real wood, every surface is unique. Eggersmann natural stone kitchens are treated with a special impregnation which closes the material’s micro-fine pores.

Fenix, an innovative material made of multi-layer acrylic resins. An extremely matt, opaque surface with a velvety soft feel. Fenix is extremely hardwearing and resistant to scratches. Its non-porous outer layer makes it very suitable for contact with food and it can be kept clean with simple care and cleaning methods.

The mineral-organic composite material Corian offers dynamic aesthetics inspired by nature. It offers the most diverse surface designs and a wide range of timeless colors and structures. The shock-proof and non-porous material is particularly homogeneous, solid and hard-wearing. It gives kitchens this classic minimalist look and is particularly easy to clean.

Rolled brass, which is given a soft patina by the stroke of the hand, is a kitchen surface that looks absolutely majestic, noble and warm at the same time. The material has been treated to make it particularly durable and to prevent corrosion.